Meet our new Master Barber!

Meet Paymon

We are pleased to welcome our new Master Barber to “My Barber” at underU4men. Paymon brings many years of experience and a new level of professionalism that includes support for the diversity of our customers regardless of how you identify. His prior experience as an educator & team mentor for the Bishop’s chain in Portland gives him a unique set of skills.

We invite you to discover the barber you thought you would never find. A barber that not only listens but knows how to execute.

To round out our services, we have added a new shampoo station using the famous Australian styling products from Kevin Murphy. Just select a combo Tailored Cut + Shampoo if you would like to add a wash before or after our cut.

Most of the products we provide in our sister store Apothecary4men have been tested in our barbershop. We included lines from the likes of ProrasoAnthony, Imperial Barber and Taylor of Old Bond Street when doing straight edge shaves.

Arrive early and enjoy the shopping, or a free on-tap Widmer DropTop microbrew beer.

Andrew Christian + Trophy Boy Nick Masc in Seattle Pride!

Seattle Pride is Saturday and Sunday June 23rd + 24th! If you’re in the Emerald City during then, please visit our Store on Saturday from 2pm-4pm for a special Meet & Greet with underwear designer Andrew Christian and his model Trophy Boy Nick Masc!

PLUS: Save 25% on Andrew Christian and get a free gift with purchase from 2pm-4pm


Ready for the Sun?

Cruise season is here and Summer is right around the corner. Here in the Pacific Northwest we relish in hanging around the pool, at Sauvies Island or Lake Washington in Seattle.

Whether you’re in the water or poolside, one thing that’s certain is that you’re showing off some style. Don’t know what you’re favorite pick is? Here’s some options:


The classic all-American fit. This style works great in the pool, beach, cruise ship or even walking out and about. Typically 12 inches in length. Check out style from Sauvage, Hugo Boss and Jack Adams.



Traditional European and Australian look — also performance! Show off that summer bod with styles from Speedo, Parke & Ronen, Diesel and more!

Board/Surf Shorts

For the surfer bros out there! This traditional style was actually designed by Speedo to cover your knees while you were paddling over the beach to surf. Longer than other shorts, all board or surf shorts will go below the knee. Check out the designs from Speedo, Hugo Boss and Bench!



We all love maxin relaxin in the sun but it comes at a price… wrinkles and dry skin! Make sure you’re protecting your skin with sun screen from Sun Bum and after you leave the beach, spray on some “cool down” to moisturize that body! You can explore the Sun Bum collection at our sister store’s website


Happy Summer!

The Perfect Grooming Tool… For Your Back!

Back hair… meet your match!

The BaKblade 2.0 DIY Back & Body Shaver is specifically designed to offer the easiest, quickest and smoothest shave on the planet! The unique patented blades allow our customers the option to Dry Shave or Wet Shave. While the unique blades go to work, the ergonomic s-shaped handle grants you access to all those hard-to-reach areas.

-Shave wet or dry with the unique patented DryGlide safety blades.

-Ergonomic patent-pending S-shaped handle grants easy access to all those hard-to-reach areas.

-Simply detach blade cartridge housing unit from handle to shave other easy-to-reach areas

-Comes with two DryGlide blade cartridges

Check out this “how to” video featuring BaKblade 2.0!

There’s also a great body wash and “pre-shave” soap that BakBlade develops to work perfectly in conjunction with the BakBlade razor; the Klean Body Wash!


My Masseur at underU4men

underU4men is pleased to announced new Swedish massage services by licensed masseur Frank Kaufman (LMT#16265) at our mezzanine level of our flagship Portland store alongside our renown “My Barber” brand.

Swedish massage therapy is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. But Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

We also use the best professional products available from Biotone® and EarthLite®. These hypoallergenic and fragrance free oils and gels will give your smooth and nourished with no greasy residue thanks to ingredients like Vitamin A, C, E, Apricot, Grape Seed and Coconut Oils. The EarthLite Nut Free massage oil provides an allergy-free alternative to traditional oils.

Treat yourself and make an appointment today with Frank HERE

Give a gift you’ll both enjoy

Valentine’s is around the corner and we have a full selection of gifts for your perfect man this season. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Underwear, duh: it’s the life and soul of our brand, and with over 40 brands to chose from, how could you go wrong? Wether you want to give him a comfortable pair of SAXX made from soft modal, or get a little bit more exotic with a pair of Gregg Homme. Here’s a gift he won’t return.


2. Sauvage Swim Trunks: here’s a gift we think would go great with a vacation package– but regardless of– best odds are that he needs a swimwear upgrade. 2018 styles are in and they are FRESH.


3. Anthony Skincare: our sister store’s tagline says it all. Let the years pass him by with Anthony’s lineup of high performance anti-aging skincare. Keep him looking young. Shop all of our lines at


4. A Pair of Sunnies: whether it’s summer or not, the facts are that you still need to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Keep those dreamy eyes of his protected (and have him looking cool) with a pair of our Shwood Sunglasses; made in our home state of Oregon!


5. Cologne: this gift is a classic that’ll never fail. We carry some amazing Italian fragrances from Proraso that evoke a very masculine scent, as well as new solid colognes (bet you didn’t know they existed!) from Beardbrand and Fulton & Roark. You can see all of our options HERE


6. Pick him up a Valentine’s card: and a candle… nothing says “cute overload” like this combo. BTW you have to swing by the store to check out some of these cards… can’t post them online! ?


7. Get Kinky: just get him a jock strap. That is all. xoxo

Brand Highlight: Portland’s Jack Adams


Founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon– our very own hometown– Jack Adams is an underwear and activewear brand that’s defined by the man who wears it. They appeal to the athletic man with a masculine style – and a strong sense of style at that! They are one of the few brands that clearly acknowledge the confidence that can come from a fashionable, maybe even sexy pair of underwear. That’s why the quintessential Jack Adams man is self-assured, comfortable in his own skin, and even more comfortable in Jack Adams style.
Ask any devoutly athletic man what they look for in terms of underwear and athletic apparel, and they’ll more often than not claim the function and fashion need to go hand-in-hand for them. This is the exact mindset that comes into play with Jack Adams’ various products. Whether you wear them to the gym or during a typical off-day, our underwear is all about living the active lifestyle.
Peruse Jack Adams’ line-up of underwear in our Downtown Portland and Capitol Hill Seattle stores and you’ll always find something that toes the line between fitness function and modern fashion. Their briefs have a distinct sense of style with contrasting seams and color blocking, some of them even built with features to give your rear, package, or both a lift. The trunks, designed with a contemporary square-cut, also follow this aesthetic.
Like any athletic brand worth their salt, Jack Adams’ also designs more full-coverage trunk styles that run as low as you’re knees. But unlike other brands, Jack Adams also throws thongs and jockstraps into the mix. Jockstraps, originally being an active underwear choice, are especially welcome from this brand.
We love it when you shop local and support us, so naturally, we’re excited to support local brands like Jack Adams.
Happy Holidays,

Movember Begins!

STOP MEN FROM DRYING TOO YOUNG: Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. We’re taking action and we need your help supporting the Movember Foundation.

GROW A MUSTACHE: Doing Movember means raising funds for men’s health. And growing a mustache is your chance to do just that. Start clean shaven, grow throughout the month, and get some serious funds behind the men who need it most.

MOVE: Men and women alike can embrace the sweaty Mo this Movember by being active. It’s what we like to call Move. Set a distance goal at the start of the month, and walk, run, cycle, swim or row your way to achieving it. You can raise much needed funds for men’s health while you’re at it.

USE MUSTACHE WAX OR BEARD OILS: While you’re showing off your whiskers and supporting prostate cancer awareness, you need too keep your beard or mustache looking healthy. Here are our top picks for keeping you looking stylin’ and smelling fresh by our sister store Apothecary4Men:


Beardbrand Beard Wash & Conditioners: The wash has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs.


Man’s Face Stuff Mustache Wax: Keeps your mustache healthy and allows you to style it however you want– made in our hometown of Portland, Oregon!


Proraso Beard Balms: Formulated to ease discomfort, itch and irritation associated with the first few weeks of new beard growth; softens and soothes beard hair as it grows.

and for when you’re ready to take it off….


Rockwell Razors: This collection of high-quality, affordable razors will give you the close shave you deserve after all of your support!

and for when you’re ready to leave the house…


SAXX Movember Underwear: For every pair sold, we’ll donate $2 to men’s health research. With signature fabrics and technologies designed for comfort and motion – SAXX has been supporting guys in overcoming challenges since the get-go. This fall, we’re proud to join forces with The Movember Foundation to take that support even further.

Happy Movember!


Celebrating 10 years!

On 10/10/17 we celebrated our 10th anniversary party at our Portland flagship store. We hosted over 300 people with music, drinks, food and a full fledged men’s underwear fashion show featuring 2(x)ist, SAXX, Armani, Versace, Nasty Pig, Gregg Homme, Speedo, and more.

Landon was our first ever transgender male model to do a runway fashion show (also modeled at Portland Pride) — we are proud to support the trans community!

We also like to support and give back to our community. We had an Our House of Portland board member in the room and shocked him with thousands of dollars worth of socks donated to their Todd’s corner!

The models behind the scenes as they go out to surprise Our House with the donated socks!

More party pics!

Gay Softball World Series 2017 – Kickoff Pool Party!

underU4men was a proud sponsor of the Gay Softball World Series 2017 in our hometown of Portland, Oregon!

We kicked off the week with a fabulous pool party at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion.

Players from all over the country– 4,000 to be exact– flew into Portland for this tournament. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Poison Waters hosted our swimwear show!

Softball players show off their swimwear: Sauvage and Pistol Pete