What Do You Want To See Him In?

Whether it be Valentine’s day, anniversary, or that special date night, seeing him in a sexy new pair of underwear always brightens the mood! underU4men is asking you what pair of undies you’re picturing him in? With all-new arrivals from brands Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Gregg Homme, and Nasty Pig, there are a ton of options for the best gift for him. Let’s go over the new arrivals to keep you up-to-date with what is hot and what is not!

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian has sent us a few new styles just in time for the day of love. Two notable styles we received being the all-new Candy Pop Mesh Brief and the newest Trophy Boy (Brief and Trunk style) in red (perfect for valentines day). Both with pouches to show off the goods! The red Trophy Boy has a larger front pocket than the Candy Pop brief, both with excellent support for your package.

Note: The Trophy Boy is a Cotton/Spandex blend. The Candy Pop brief is made out of 100% polyester blend.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is known all too well for setting the mood. Calvin Klein has added a vibrant new style to their CK ONE line of men’s underwear, the Glitter Low Rise Trunk has hit our shelves just in time for your upcoming special night. With a soft and cozy nylon/spandex blend, these trunks hold their shape incredibly well with a smooth-to-the-touch feel you can only get with Calvin Klein trunks. The eye-catchers this trunk includes are the vibrant pink glitter waistband with an exterior design of pink roses against a black background. With the CK ONE Glitter Low Rise Trunk, you’ll see your partner shine from all the way across the room!

Calvin Klein CK ONE Glitter Low Rise Trunk

Gregg Homme

Gregg Homme has held the torch in the men’s lingerie division for many years now. Here at underU4men, we hold Gregg Homme to a higher standard for those searching for a sexy new pair of underwear to show their spouse for any day of the week. New styles of Burgundy and Bronze thongs have been added to the collection, with the main event being the brand new Red Starr Brief and Thong with a see-through mesh effect, complemented by red stars that line the exterior. Have your partner show off just the right amount with these beautiful new styles of Gregg Homme underwear.

Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig has cemented themselves into the men’s undergarment industry for over 20 years. Meaning 20+ years of making nights special between partners with a sexy twist. While underU4men carries a huge amount of the brand, this year Nasty Pig has sent us their new shiny and sleek Red Alloy Brief and Jockstrap undergarments. Weaved with a super-soft Modal/Spandex blend, these undies will not only have him looking like a snack, they will also provide his goods with the right amount of support and comfort every man needs. 


Regardless of the upcoming holiday, seeing him in something sexy is always a plus. Underwear brands Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Gregg Homme, and Nasty Pig has underU4men prepared to looking great in front of your spouse. With the top quality underwear brands brought to your doorstep, underU4men provides the largest selection of men’s underwear and products to make every date, night out, and day of love special for all. The question to ask yourself now is: What would you like to see him in?

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