Wood is Good.

Who doesn’t love Wood?

At underU4men we pride ourselves in offering over 60 brands of underwear, swimwear and gymwear. So what’s the story with Wood?

It’s brief. Quite frankly, men don’t have enough options…especially compared to women’s options for shopping.

Admit it: you heard “Wood” & started to rif. Right?

We want to get every man into a great pair of underwear that he can feel and look fabulous in….and feel great about the price as well. Underwear is an afterthought for many men, or you never think about it at all.  You should. The clothes you wear will feel that much better if you have the right underwear. AND, whoever has to look at you in them will thank you too.

Wood’s secret is actually in its name. Wood– aka “Modal” — or more scientifically “Lyocell” is a fiber made from beechwood trees that is softer than cotton and wicks away moisture. Most of Wood’s underwear have at least half of the material be modal, then they blend with cotton or wool.

Wood is also one of the only brands that we carry that offers jacquard underwear. That means they weave the pattern like houndstooth or herringbone onto the fabric instead of printing it!

Check out Wood’s most popular styles at our online store HERE or swing by our Portland or Seattle store.