Überlube 101

Originating in Chicago, Überlube’s little glass bottle can make a huge difference in the bedroom, athletic activities, and even use in hair care. Let the team at Apothecary4men the men’s body-care department at underU4men add some context to what Überlube is all about!

Bedroom, you say?

Uberlube is a silicone-based lubricant that can increase pleasure in the bedroom. Award-winning is considered the Best lubricant, especially for male masturbation and penetration pleasure. Reducing friction during sex without loss of sensation. Überlube is scentless, flavorless, and steers clear of spermicides reducing the chance of irritation in the areas applied. Bottles come in sizes 50ml and 100ml (15-28$), find both HERE. Additionally, if you travel often, Überlube provides a travel kit (15$) with the ideal size to fit in your carry-on luggage.

Not only for the bedroom!

Überlube has many different use cases. During that intense workout, morning run, or even the occasional hike; Überlube can be used on areas that have extensive amounts of skin-on-skin contact to eliminate chafing and skin irritations. Furthermore, Überlube’s Silicone & Vitamin E components create a layer that protects and lubricates, then dissipates from the area when no longer in use, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

You can also use Überlube in your hair care routine to eliminate frizz and leave you with a nice and moisturized shine, conditioning the strongest of hair strands. You can also use Überlube in combination with your hair products to give you a sheen and protected look for your hair. Überlube also protects hair from harsh chlorines during pool use!

Why Apothecary4men chooses Überlube

From Überlube’s clean glass bottle and body-safe ingredients to its multiple different uses, Überlube has proven that lube doesn’t have to be specifically for intercourse. Swing by your closest underU4men storefront to try a sample and see our curated selection of Überlube products.

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