9 Days with 11 Deals Holiday Sale

What is all the fuss about with this Holiday Sale?

Here at underU4men we make it our mission to bring the availability of comfortable, practical, and high-end underwear for men at a reasonable price. When the holiday season comes around, we step this up a notch with the best deals you can get for the pairs that you have your eyes set on! This is why we bring you the 9 Days with 11 Deals Holiday Sale.

1st Day (Dec. 16) – 30% OFF All Body & Shave Products in Apothecary4men

Ballsy Products – Apothecary4men

Starting off the 9 Day 11 Deals Holiday sale with a 30% discount to all body and shave care products in the Apothecary4men store. Over 500+ products all at a discount. If you are looking to catch up on the facial care routine be sure to stop by!

2nd Day (Dec. 17) – All SAXX Underwear & Lounge 30% OFF

SAXX Products – underU4men

Our favorite brand at underU4men, SAXX, is on our holiday sale at 30% OFF the original price. Get your next pair of undies with SAXX’s patented pouch technology to keep the family jewels cozy this winter season. Did I mention that SAXX also has loungewear with the included pouch technology? Check it out, our SAXX sales are rare!

3rd Day (Dec. 18) – PUMP! BOGO Sale

PUMP! Classic White Briefs – underU4men

For the 3rd day, get a full FREE pair included in your purchase of one pair of PUMP! underwear. Get your club wardrobe started or add two new pairs of PUMP! to your growing collection. Deal is IN-STORE only!

4th Day (Dec. 19) – 1/2 PRICE All Loungewear

Wood Loungewear – underU4men

Loungewear is what underU4men is focusing on for the 4th day of our 9 Days with 11 Deals Holiday sale. During the winter season, it is best to stay inside and keep warm. Especially when your loungewear is made from the Cotton-Modal blend from the Wood brand! Original Penguin, SAXX, and many others are amongst the loungewear included in the 1/2 price sale. Only available for one day!

5th Day (Dec. 20) – All STANCE Socks & Underwear 1/2 PRICE

STANCE Socks – underU4men

The 5th day of underU4men’s holiday sale has all STANCE products 1/2 off the original price! Find your favorite STANCE boxer briefs and/or socks and a huge discount this holiday season. The super-soft Cotton Modal blended socks will have your feet in heaven this winter! If you are a Marvel, DC, even Star Wars fan, you are going to love STANCE’s themed socks! Come in and see your favorite STANCE products today!

6th Day (Dec. 21) – 1/2 PRICE Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian Briefs – underU4men

You don’t see this deal often here at underU4men, but we want this holiday 2021 to be special 4 U! We have ALL Andrew Christian underwear at half price on December 21st! This sale is a store exclusive offer and will only be running for one day! Get them while you can!

7th Day (Dec. 22) – All Socks 1/2 PRICE

Happy Socks – underU4men

The 7th day of underU4men’s 9 Days with 11 Deals Holiday sale has all socks at 1/2 OFF the original price. Swing by our storefront and/or shop our online store on Dec. 22nd to receive a huge discount on socks from STANCE, Happy Socks, and much more!

8th Day (Dec. 23) – 1/2 PRICE All Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein – underU4men

On Dec. 23rd, underU4men has the Calvin Klein underwear at 1/2 off their original price. Choose from all different colors, styles, and patterns and get that pair of Calvin Klein’s you have been eyeing!

9th Day (Dec. 24) – 1/2 PRICE ANY Single Pair of Underwear in store

Jack Adams Briefs – underU4men

We are ending the underU4men 9 Day 11 Deal Holiday sale with a BANG! This STORE EXCLUSIVE deal is open on Christmas Eve and will be available until we close (PDX – 4pm, SEA – 3pm) for the day. With over 15+ of the finest underwear brands from around the world, get that super nice pair that has a hefty price and cut that in half! This deal will be activated for one day only and can be used on only 1 pair of underwear.