We thank Andrew Christian!

Underwear designer Andrew Christian– as part of his book tour– visited our Seattle and Portland stores last weekend. We had book signing events and after parties at R Place in Seattle and Stag PDX in Portland.

Described as his “passion project”, “Sex=Power=Freedom” tows the line of scandalous on each one of the 200 black and white glossed pages. The book consists of images that showcase the Andrew Christian models explicitly engaged with one another. The book is sexy, but topical: Christian’s commentary on today’s political climate.

“A person’s openness to their sexuality directly relates to their emotional freedom,” says Christian, who knew the importance of the book following the outcome of the November election, “furthermore, society’s acceptance of the LGBT community constitutes our political freedom.”

Freedom is a key point to the book. It features imagery and phrases that unblushingly push for LGBT equality around the world. “Sex=Power=Freedom” is an in-your-face defender of gay rights and gay sex.

Check out some images from the event:

Candid Photo: boys wear their AC backpacks at Stag PDX

Book signing at our Capitol Hill store with fans.

Book signing with Arad at R Place in Seattle.

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