Give a gift you’ll both enjoy

Valentine’s is around the corner and we have a full selection of gifts for your perfect man this season. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Underwear, duh: it’s the life and soul of our brand, and with over 40 brands to chose from, how could you go wrong? Wether you want to give him a comfortable pair of SAXX made from soft modal, or get a little bit more exotic with a pair of Gregg Homme. Here’s a gift he won’t return.


2. Sauvage Swim Trunks: here’s a gift we think would go great with a vacation package– but regardless of– best odds are that he needs a swimwear upgrade. 2018 styles are in and they are FRESH.


3. Anthony Skincare: our sister store’s tagline says it all. Let the years pass him by with Anthony’s lineup of high performance anti-aging skincare. Keep him looking young. Shop all of our lines at


4. A Pair of Sunnies: whether it’s summer or not, the facts are that you still need to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Keep those dreamy eyes of his protected (and have him looking cool) with a pair of our Shwood Sunglasses; made in our home state of Oregon!


5. Cologne: this gift is a classic that’ll never fail. We carry some amazing Italian fragrances from Proraso that evoke a very masculine scent, as well as new solid colognes (bet you didn’t know they existed!) from Beardbrand and Fulton & Roark. You can see all of our options HERE


6. Pick him up a Valentine’s card: and a candle… nothing says “cute overload” like this combo. BTW you have to swing by the store to check out some of these cards… can’t post them online! ?


7. Get Kinky: just get him a jock strap. That is all. xoxo

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