“My Barber” at underU4men – Closed for now.

Just the barbershop is closed… Our retail store with amazing underwear, swimwear, gymwear, and apothecary is doing well!

We wish the barbershop could be doing as well as selling great undies, but the truth is that with the offices in the area still mostly closed, some hotels too, and few of our customers live nearby. Its these workers and visitors that kept our barber busy.  It’s disappointing but for now we have decided to close the barbershop and wait to re-open it in a post-pandemic world when workers return and downtown is thriving again.  It will happen.

Kory landed a new position at Dapper Barber on Hawthorne, he starts on Wednesday, February 2nd.   We hope you will find your way there and support Kory and Michael.  Here’s a link to their services and booking.  We wish them both the best.

KORY at Dapper Barber